Writing is Healing

My daughter’s book launch starts today!

This is a book about healing. Laura has a mission to redefine healing and start a revolution of brave healers who are writing, speaking and sharing their stories with the world.  I’m so proud of Laura and I hope that you will take a look!

The Amazon Pre-order link (copy/paste into any post to make it easier for people!): 


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pexels-photo-783200.jpegThere was a bomb scare at my grandchildren’s high school this morning in Maryland. It happened before school started. My daughter was able to reach the kids on their cell phones and told them to turn around and come home. Turns out that it was a hoax, but hoax or not, fear was raised. My grand-kids sat in their car in the school parking lot, having just arrived for school. Their mom’s voice on the phone: “Come home now!” My grandson at the wheel – perhaps a bit numb; fear paralyzing his actions; his sister and a couple of friends along for the ride to school. “Jon, turn around and come home now.”

Can you believe that we’re having this conversation?

To the kids who survived the massacre in Florida: my heart is broken for each soul lost, and for each of the survivors as you face your “next steps”. Please don’t stop talking. Scream it to the rooftops. I believe you may be “the way”. Apparently the grownups who can actually effect change, can’t.

To the NRA – who are you people? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

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Get up! Show up! Dress up!

PIC OF REFLECTIONI listened to the best message yesterday, and I’ve got to share. You definitely needed to be there to get the full impact, but here is the bottom line:

Standing in your garage does not make you a car! Sitting in a pew does not make you a Christian. You need to Get Up! Show Up! and, most importantly, Dress Up! Wrap yourself up in His cloak of loving kindness and forgiveness. Let people see who we Christians really are – always In His Service!

Feeling inspired – it’s a new day!

God’s Peace, Sue

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What can I say about Harvey?


Just do it.

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Before the Sun Sets and the Moment is Gone

muddy shoes

You would have been 69 today!  Happy Birthday dear Sis!

This morning, my buddy and I took a morning walk along the bay front and I mentioned to her that you were on my mind. You would have enjoyed that walk, sis. On the way back, we decided to take a short cut. We had been pondering over this short cut for months. It all depended on whether or not the tide was low, or high. Well today, all the elements were working for us. It was a very low tide; sunny outside, no wind — perfect day to try the short cut and have an adventure. The catch was, and of course, this is where the excitement comes in, we might get 1/2 a mile out and discover that the tide was coming in and we would be caught with no choice but to turn back.

My friend walked ahead of me, as we worked our way through what is normally a marshy area only suitable for water birds and an occasional coyote. The ground was very wet because it’s usually under water, and very muddy. It was also very stinky, which added to the adventure. I took care to step exactly where my friend had stepped moments before me. I figured, she hasn’t slipped and face planted into the mud, so if I just stick to her footprints all will be good. We approached a little river-let of water which required expert balance in order to step on to stones and avoid sinking knee deep into the marsh. My friend made it across in no time. As I took my first step I lost my balance and one foot sunk into the mud. It made a delightful farting sound as I pulled my foot out of the mud — and that’s when I knew that you were right there with me. I laughed out loud and threw you a kiss. My friend missed the whole thing, muttering something about raccoon prints up ahead.

I love you, dear Peg, and miss you so very much.


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History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Speak Up!


Do you have someone in your life that you care about deeply? Then get up, don’t just sit there! Do something! Say something! Stand up to the leaders of this country and demand gun control legislation now! Say something! Spread the word. Pray for peace.

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