Fighting the Blues

As I have said before, walking is my therapy. A walk can coax me out of the blues better than just about anything I can think of. Walking with a good friend, well that makes it all the better.

Today was one of those days when I knew I needed to get out of my own head. No one was going to do it for me. And this is where it becomes so hard. That first move. That first “Stand up!” That first “Call someone!” Not easy. But if you can make it through that first giant step, then you are usually home free.

I find that a “walk in the wild” is very therapeutic. I love to spot animals, particularly wild ones, but domestic are OK, too! It seems that some times, all I have to do is step outside, and breathe the fresh air, and that will be enough to transport me to a softer, gentler place.

And then again, there’s my wish to have my first rattle snake siting. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m hopeful. And alert!

Nature provides a reminder that no matter what you are going through, the earth keeps revolving and God’s plan keeps unfolding year after year, season after season, and some things while changing by the moment, never change.


By the way, when you come across a beautiful patch of wild grapes, with their pollen-laden little buds deciding whether or not they want to be grapes, DO NOT TOUCH THEM. But then, that’s a subject for another post.

And just like these beautiful wild roses, you are able to look the sun in its face and smile back at the world one more time.

Thanks for the walk, buddy. I needed that!




About susansplace

Widowed in 2012, I am a mother and grandmother. Born in San Francisco, I now live in the town I grew up in: Mill Valley, California. I love nature photography. Just an amateur but that's OK! My goal: world peace. Got any ideas?
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5 Responses to Fighting the Blues

  1. Bev says:

    I love, love, LOVE what you wrote, Sue…… I keep thinking that this is what Peg would have written if she could have gotten free of her demons……

  2. susansplace says:

    Bevvy, Peg is with me every step of the way. I can hear her laughing as I write — and I can feel her hand helping me to focus, with each photo I take! And she’s yelling at me, “For Pete’s sake, focus, focus! No, not that way! This way!” And I’m so happy in those memories of my dear sis.

  3. susansplace says:

    And, just wondering here — why is my “LIKE” button on my own post?? LOL! Well, now, if that ain’t just a little bit conceited! Ha!

  4. I used to make wild strawberry and wild rose petal sandwiches when I was a kid. Yum.

  5. susansplace says:

    I used to “paint pictures” with rose petals! Never ate them! Wow!

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