Trust is Hard Sometimes


I adopted Harry and Sally from a shelter in July. Harry settled in fairly quickly. Sally, not so much. You see, she didn’t trust me. Trust is hard sometimes. Her life at the shelter had been challenging at best. She was picked up as a kitten on the streets, scrounging for food with her big brother, Harry and man, she had stories!

So, it is with much celebration that Sally and I celebrated a breakthrough this morning. Without any coaxing, she jumped into my lap during our “coffee meditation” time. She nudged my hand with her head, to signal that petting was allowed. I sat frozen in my pajamas afraid to break the spell and gently stroked her back, whispering sweet nothings, hoping that she would stay. She stayed. She purred. I purred. It was wonderful. We sat like that for about twenty minutes, both at peace, our shoulder muscles relaxing into this new-found bond.

So Sally has grown up. She has come from the streets with battle scars hidden under her beautiful tiger stripes. She has learned that yes, there are good people in this world. There are people who can be trusted.There are people who can be loved, unconditionally.

There is something bigger than me out there that keeps showing me the way — nudging me forward, patiently, with loving kindness. Trust is hard sometimes. But when it is found, I can sleep in the knowledge that I am safe and life is very good.



About susansplace

Widowed in 2012, I am a mother and grandmother. Born in San Francisco, I now live in the town I grew up in: Mill Valley, California. I love nature photography. Just an amateur but that's OK! My goal: world peace. Got any ideas?
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15 Responses to Trust is Hard Sometimes

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow, that was so inspirational, Sue!

  2. David says:

    Isn’t it cool when you have that breakthrough.

  3. Jan Raffety says:

    How wonderful she is finally adjusting and showing you her love.

  4. Jan says:

    Beautifully stated….. (as always)

  5. Good illustration! Love her eyes!

  6. Bevy Swain says:

    Once again, Sue, soooo beautifully expressed…. This one REALLY got me!! YOU ARE TERRIFIC and I am blessed and proud to know you…. I love you…. Bev

  7. susansplace says:

    Thanks, Bevy! I was inspired by my very high-maintenance kitty. It was so nice to hear her purr, finally! I love you too!

  8. nancy says:

    Love your gift of words and description. What is better than a cat on a lap……love it.

  9. How lovely it is when you get the attention of your cat 🙂

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