Age Doesn’t Matter


A post from my daughter:

How to Bust the “I’m Too Old” Excuse and Carry On With Your Amazing Self

Out of all the excuses one could have for not sharing your wisdom and experience, doing new things, or doing brave, crazy things, your age should not be one of them. In fact if you haven’t taken a dose of the “Life is Short” energy pill, I’m going to try to inspire you to be brave and take that pill; you have people to serve and messages to shout from the rooftops!

Brave healing is about a life lived recognizing your own excuses, shutting those voices down and taking action toward the things that bring you immense joy. It’s about finally being yourself, not caring what others think, and spreading your love and wisdom into the world. It’s about knowing your worth and being courageous about owning it, day after day, until you die.

Now, whether you’re 50, like me, or 71, like my mom, or 93, it doesn’t matter. Age is no excuse. In fact it should be a big, fat excuse to take life by the horns and never look back, and make that a daily, if not hourly, practice.

“Hey mom, Dani was asking me the other day if you still want to take them (my kids) to Hawaii,” I asked with some hesitation, not knowing whether Mom was still up for it or not.

“What? OMG! Yes!,” she responded, surprising me a little. And in about 2 hours, we had a trip planned. My kids would be traveling alone for the first time, from the east coast to Hawaii, and meeting Grandma there! Holy sh&*!

Yeah, my mom is awesome like that. And she knows life is short. And she’s taking full advantage of that energy right now, not just with things like trips, but with things like her annual mission trip to Cambodia to serve the young girls affected by sex trafficking. And coming across the country for a few days to see her grandson graduate from high school. Oh, and running her business! Yes, my mom has the entrepreneurial spirit. Wonder where I got that from?

Actually my entire family has that spirit; Dad, Mom, Sister and Grandparents! Wow! I suppose I was meant for it too!

So, if you’re sitting around thinking, I’m too old for that, think again. Age is a thought and conditioned belief in your mind. Time to believe something better, healthier and more aligned with the awesome life you crave. There’s no time like the present to practice that kind of awareness. No time like now to change everything! No time like today to move toward anything you want to do in your life.

Age doesn’t matter. It’s mindset that matters.

I wrote a book called Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, about healing and shifting the excuse mindset and it’s coming out June 1st. This’s my life’s work, a combination of memoir and powerful healing tools I’ve learned during my 25-year career as a holistic physical therapist and martial artist. And daughter of a mom who kicks ass.

It wasn’t easy for Mom to read this book. She was the one in my life who always told me I could do and be anything. She was the one who tried relentlessly to lift me up (still does). Well Mom, I’m doing this. Writing this book. Sharing it with the world. Being myself. Being brave. And with your help, going to do my best to spread big love and this message of brave healing in a big way.Thank you for everything you did to get me to this point. And it’s all good; the good, the bad and the ugly all take us where we need to go. Everything is a spiritual perfection, if we choose to look at it that way

Readers of my mom’s blog, can you help a girl out and spread the message of my book? You could:

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*My page is

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Thank you very much- what I know now about doing anything big in the world is you don’t do it alone. Every bit of support helps, especially for an author!

Feel free to share this blog too!

Love you Mom. Thanks for hanging in there with me through all of this!


Laura Di Franco, MPT is the owner of Brave Healer Productions. She’s a published poet and author, inspirational speaker, holistic physical therapist and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. Praised as “our favorite class” by The Writer’s Center, her brave, intuitive writing and healing workshops are the reason she was born. She helps healers get their badass, authentic voice published in order to heal the world with their words. Her new book, Brave Healing; a Guide for Your Journey is due out June 1st! is where you can grab a free 30-minute call with her to learn how your story will heal the world.

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